Fish Oil is Good For Your Health

fish2Humans when it comes to choosing the best food for their bodies, they consider choosing fish from the many alternatives due to several advantages that come along with it. A myriad of sources has it that taking fish oil is good as compared to other foods. We normally obtain fish oil either from eating fish or taking its supplements. These are the only fish which are actually endowed with omega-3 fatty acids: tuna,salmon,trout mackerel,bluefish,sardines and anchovy.
Fish oil is loaded with Omega- fatty acids. The following are the proven benefits that result from taking fish oil:

1. A whole percentage of females do take fish in order to prevent painful periods such as breast pain. Breast pain is one of the symptoms of breast cancer.We all know that breast cancer is one of the dangerous diseases that affect our mothers, sisters and the entire female fraternity. Females definitely loathe breast cancer. This kind of a disease has been made a national calamity in most countries. Those countries have set aside a day when a whole country is sensitized on the issue of breast cancer.

2.It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease- Cardiovascular disease is a disease which connected to the heart and blood vessels.Fish oil has been widely used to reduce heart failure and stroke when taken in recommended amounts. Day in, day out we come across people succumbing to heart failure. Most families have lost their beloved ones in the process. In addition to that,most people use fish oil to lower heart pressure.

3. Fish oil is used by aging people for drying their eyes which normally lead to serious sight problems. Each and every individual’s wish is to live a longer life without experiencing eye problems. The sense of sight is one of the common senses which every human being feels good to have.

4. Helps in strengthening bonesfish
As women age, the levels of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone lowers making their bones to become thin. This is a serious issue in the long run.

5. Many at times, fish oil is used after heart transplant surgery to curb high blood pressure and kidney damage that comes along with the process.Moreover, fish oil is used after coronary artery bypass surgery to help keep the blood vessel that has been rerouted from closing up.
As you can see, fish oil supplements do offer a variety of benefits. Supplementing with fish oil will enhance your health in one way or the other. For more information on this, search this topic-is taking fish oil good for you?